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Home Cleaning

Our fully equipped experienced cleaners will make your home shine. Schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we will get it done for you at a time that works for you. We also offer carpet, oven and refrigerator cleaning. 

Whether you are moving in, moving out, or just in need of a deep clean, we will take all the pressure off and get it done for you. Ask about our packing service to make your life even easier. We can pack your belongings, clean your old home, clean your new home and unpack everything for you. 

If you are not satisfied, we will send someone over to correct the issue the following day. That is our guarantee. Handyman services are also just a click away, just ask us.

Types of Cleaning we offer

  • Weekly, Biweekly & 4 weekly cleanings:

    We work on your schedule.  Our weekly cleaning service gives you the time to enjoy your life, whether you keep long hours at the office or are taking the kids to hockey or ballet.  Know that the cleaning is not something you have to keep on top of with our thorough staff. 

    If you only want the big things done a couple times a month or monthly, we can do that for you.  Dusting, floor washing, bathrooms, kitchen, and vacuuming is our specialty. We will make your home sparkle.  There is nothing like coming home from a long day to a clean environment.  

  •  Spring Cleaning:

    “Spring” comes all year round at Run Around  When you want that deep clean done, we will clean your home as usual but also do your oven, fridge and carpets.  Let us help you do the purge and get rid of the stuff that piles up over time allowing you discover the extra closet space you knew you had. 

  • One time Cleaning:

    Having a party? We can get your home ready for your guests.  Not everyone needs the help of full-time cleaning services. You may have more time to keep up with cleaning your home on a regular basis. At Run Around, we take pride in our ability to provide the cleaning services you need.

    For those of you who don’t necessarily need any regular help with your cleaning, we offer one-time cleaning. Just because you keep a clean home doesn’t mean you couldn’t use a break now and again though.

  • Move in, Move out Cleaning:
    Enjoy the move

    Moving into a new home is a fun and exciting but can be a bit stressful.  It also means a lot of hard work and we want to help by taking care of the cleaning and packing for you.  Let the professionals at Run Around make this new adventure as easy as possible.  You can relax in your new surroundings knowing it is fresh and clean for you and your family.

  • Post renovation Cleaning:
    Dust is our business

    Renovations can produce more dust than we expect, even when your contractor has been very careful. Our staff can give your home the sparkle it deserves after the dust has settled. There’s no need to stress over the cleanup, just leave the cleaning to us.

  • Airbnb Cleaning:
    Get the best reviews

    We are have been awarded with Super Host status and a 5 star rating across the board. One of the first things that guest’s notice is cleanliness which can affect their entire stay.  Let us get you the Super Host status making your rental clean and inviting for all your guests.  We can also update you on any issues in the space keeping the rental income flowing. 

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